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Express Crypto designed to received payouts from Express Group faucets. You can earn free cryptos from different sources like Faucets, PTC Link Shorteners, Offerwalls, Games, Giveaways and many more. 

Currently, there are over 20 cryptos to choose from; Bitcoin-BTC, BitcoinCash-BCH, Bytecoin-BCN, Dash-DASH, Digibyte-DGB, Dogecoin-DOGE, Ethereum-ETH, ExgameToken-EXG, ExspaceToken-EXS, Lisk- LSK, Litecoin-LTC, Monero-XMR, Neo-NEO, Peercoin-PPC, Potcoin-POT, Ripple-XRP, Stratis-STRAT, Tron-TRX, Waves-WAVES, and Zcash-ZEC.

How To Get Started and Earn From ExpressCrypto

  • Sign up to a reliable bitcoin wallet. Some of these wallets are Coinbase, Atomic Wallet, Coinpayments and many more.
  • Create an account in Express Crypto
  • Go to the Offerwalls tab and select Paid To Click. Solve the link shorteners as much as you want.
  • Once you have enough balance, you can convert it to Bitcoin.
  • Go to the Faucet Express Crypto tab and claim from the 2 faucets every 15 minutes.
  • Go to List of Faucets tab and run as many auto-faucets as you want paying attention to the Ability to Pay and Rewards tab.
  • You can extend the auto-faucets up to 3 hours which means that it will run for 3 hours nonstop. Once you have enough balance, you can convert these coins into Bitcoin.
  • There is a daily contest wherein the top ten claimers will receive a reward. Try to be active as often as possible

Note: Try to visit the chatroom regularly and be active there. Additional bonuses and random rewards are given.

Express Crypto Levels
A level system in Express Crypto allows you to unlock more options and to earn more.

Min withdraw Limits on

Directly to your wallet;
Bitcoin : 0.00015000 BTC; Bitcoin Cash : 0.00500000 BCH; Blackcoin : 1.00000000 BLK; Bytecoin : 25.00000000 BCN; Dash : 0.01000000 DASH; DigiByte : 1.00000000 DGB; Dogecoin : 25.00000000 DOGE; Ethereum : 0.05000000 ETH; Lisk : 0.20000000 LSK; Litecoin : 0.01000000 LTC, Monero : 0.01000000 XMR; NEM : 5.00000000 NEM; Peercoin : 0.10000000 PPC; Potcoin : 1.00000000 POT; Ripple : 1.00000000 XRP; Tron : 10.00000000 TRX; Zcash : 0.01000000 ZEC.

Many faucets and auto-faucets use ExpressCrypto micro-wallet to deposit your earnings. ExpressCrypto does not generate a personal wallet address. You will have to get one and add it to ExpressCrypto to withdraw your funds.

Account Security

Please enable 2FA to stay safe;
Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an effective and easy way to keep our users safe.
For every login from an unrecognized IP for your account. You will receive an email with 2FA code, please copy and paste it into the box. During busy times 2FA emails may be delayed and take a short while to arrive.

Referral Program 

You will win 10% of their Offer-wall earnings and 20% of their faucet earnings (only internal faucets)

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