Eve Faucets List

EveFaucet is a perfect solution if you would like to earn cryptocurrency daily with no investments and you could win up to $300 every hour. These are some of the effortless faucets to claim from, no tasks solving captchas, playing games, or clicking on ads.

Referral bonus — Action: refer as many people as possible to take advantage of the 30% referral commission.

FREE DOGECOINClaim every 60 minsLink
FREE RIPPLEClaim every 60 minsLink
FREE TRONClaim every 60 minsLink
FREE BITCOINCASHClaim every 60 minsLink
FREE MONEROClaim every 60 minsLink
FREE LITECOIN Claim every 60 minsLink

There is no loyalty bonus with these faucets, you just simply need to solve the captcha and click the ROLL button. The amount of coin you received will depend on the number you roll as outline in the payout table given.

To maximize your earnings you will need to refer to as many people as you can to take advantage of the 30% referral commission. Focusing on these actions can greatly increase your claims.

Withdrawal – You can set up your withdrawal address and request a withdrawal at any time once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount on your balance plus enough to cover network fees.

All payments are processed and paid directly to your withdrawal wallet addresses as soon as possible.